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Pita Chips

Pita Chips, is a just cut pita bread into wedges, brush them with a little oil mixture to baked.Perfect to pair with your favorite dip(hummus)! Ingredients: 1 Pita Bread Pita Bread 2 tsp Olive oil 3 pinch Black pepper Salt to taste ¼ tsp Garlic powder or fresh Parsley required Method: Preheat the oven to 400 F (200 C). Cut each ...

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Hummus, is a food dip and traditional recipe includes tahini and makes a wonderful snack or appetizer. Serve with warm pita bread or veggies. Ingredients: 1 Garlic ½ cup Chickpeas soaked 1/8 -1/4 cup Water or as needed 4 tsp Lemon juice 3 tsp Tahini Tahini Salt to taste Pepper garnish Method: Chickpeas soak for 8 hrs to overnight. In a ...

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Tahini, is a  paste made from roasted sesame seeds and olive oil.How to make our quick and easy recipe that’s so much better than anything you can buy at the store. Ingredient: 1 cup Tahini roasted (sesame seeds) 3 tbsp Olive oil or more Method: Heat non stick pan, add the sesame seeds.stir frequently until they begin to turn golden brown. In ...

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Tahini Sauce

Tahini Sauce,is a mixture of tahini,lemon juice,garlic,salt,olive oil.This traditional Middle Eastern sauce is served throughout the middleeast. Ingredients: ½ cup Tahini (seasame paste) Tahini 1 Finely chopped garlic Pinch of Salt ¼ cup Lemon juice 1 tsp Olive oil (optional) Warm water as needed Method: In a bowl, add tahini, garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, enough warm water to achieve ...

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Falafel, is a traditional Middle Eastern food,commonly served in a pita, which acts as a pocket, or wrapped in a flatbread. Ingredients: 1 cup chickpeas soaked ½ Onion chopped 4 Garlic ½ cup Parsley 1 tsp Salt or to taste ¼ tsp Pepper powder ½ tsp Cumin powder ¼ tsp Coriander powder ¼ tsp Cayenne pepper or chilli powder 1 tsp ...

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Pita Bread

Pita Bread, is a flatbread is also known pitta bread.It is used in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and resembles other slightly leavened flatbreads. Ingredients: For Sponge Mix: ½ pkg Dry active yeast(1 ¼ tsp) ½ cup Warm water ½ cup All-purpose flour or wheat flour Other ingredients: 2 tsp olive oil 1 tsp salt ¾ cup all-purpose flour ...

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